Me Découvrir

My story

My soapmaking story began the day my first child at four months old had eczema and suffered for many years. I decided to take a closer look at the cosmetics I used on his skin. And there I was scared, for him, for me, for my loved ones and for our environment.And that's how I started to formulate my own soaps to protect and nourish the skin of my family without attacking it . And here I am eight years later to open my soap business ... A great adventure with bubbles that begins!

The Artisanal Soap Factory

"Olive & Coco" is an artisanal soap factory located in the south of Brittany, in Morbihan in Nivillac. My micro soapmaking stands out in the manufacture of cold soap based on natural and ecological olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter. All my products are handmade and on site in my laboratory in Nivillac.

High-end Natural Products

I make high quality soaps from certified organic farming ingredients, so natural and biodegradable in nature. I carefully choose simple, natural ingredients that add superior quality to the finished product. My favorite ingredients are olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter. Their moisturizing and nourishing properties make them first choice ingredients.


Nature has its whims. The result of each soap bar varies according to the origin of the oils and butter and the season. Moreover, as each soap is made in small quantities, cut entirely by hand, the imperfection makes it a perfectly authentic product. Each soap is a unique piece.

A controlled production

All the processes used are controlled and obey strict manufacturing protocols. Wanting to complete my commitment, I choose to integrate all stages of the creation of a soap and I intervene at every link in the manufacturing, from the selection of oils and butter to the finished product.


I want to thank my two childrens who give me wings to fly in this beautiful adventure. My husband Mark, who despite the thousands of miles separates me supports me every day. My dad who has always been a precious help in my projects.

I thank my guardian angel, Tito. And I do not forget all those who helped me and participated in opening my soap factory: Mr Bousquet, Mrs Ricordeau, Sophie Gatel, Nathalie Padée, Sylvain and Leanne, Students from the University of Vannes.

About us

Voici Céline, la savonnière dans son atelier de Nivillac en Bretagne